CANADA WATER is a small 2.5-acre former working dock situated in the South East corner of the capital. This quaint little fishery is right next door to Surrey Quay Shopping centre, Decathlon sports store and of course Canada Water Tube Station. With depths averaging around 14-18ft and going down to as deep as 30ft The Little Dock has a very low stock but everything that lives in here seems to grow large and fast. This is probably due to its rich abundance of natural food sources like water daphnia, shrimp, fresh water mussels, beds of bloodworm, fresh water snails and crayfish. This along with a stream of locals that pass by and visit Canada Water to feed the resident bird life with a daily supply of bread and other such food items “and of course the bait” all contributes the fast rate at which these fish grow. 


Considered to be and we quote “A very tricky water.”  Those who have fished it have had both great successes and frustratingly hard times. There are currently two confirmed fish present that weigh over 30lb and a third that is thought to do so. The largest of the three is a Common Carp known as “The Fournier.” caught in the autumn of 2018 at a weight in excess of 36lb. She was previously caught a year earlier at 33lb so we will leave it up to you to do the math and work out what this fish could achieve in the years to come. The second in command is a leather carp that has topped the scales at an impressive 34lb 11oz and is thought to be the largest of its kind within the London area. Also worth a mention is another common carp known simply as “The Illusive.” This fish has gained its name from being exactly that. She’s thought to now go around 32lb but hasn’t graced the bank in nearly 6 years. A whiley creature to say the very least. She remains the last of the target fish for a few of our regular anglers that all want to be the first to have their name on the full set of Canada Water thirties. The full carp stock is thought to be no more than 20 fish so you can see why this considered to be a tricky water.

Jack Stephens

Jack Stephens

Moving on from the carp as beautiful as they are, there are of course other species present that cannot be overlooked. There are a small number of absolutely stunning of Tench with at least one of them weighing over 10lb. There is a good head of small Perch with the odd 4lb plus specimen that occasionally make an appearance. There isn’t many but there are a few Pike, the largest of which is approximately 15lb. There’s also known to be a small group of chub and one very Large Eel. Fishing on Canada Water is permitted from the jetty area only with no more than Four Carp Anglers permitted to fish at any one time plus any other non-carp anglers that wish to fish. This Dock has a nature reserve on one bank and when looking out towards it on a nice evening it is sometimes easy to forget that you are in the centre of the capital surrounded by the concrete jungle.




 We thought we would mention a few other points that are worth you knowing before fishing here.

 •     Be aware that there are areas on this dock that may seem clear of snags but you may well be fishing to or over obstacles that could potentially snag or cut you off. Fish safety is our priority and our members are more than happy to advise you on where the snags can be found, and help you in any way that they can so don’t be afraid to ask if you want a little more information. 

 •     Crayfish can be a problem on this venue! We recommend using a heat shrink bait wrap or other product such as Korda Super Wrap to ensure that you are not fishing without any hook baits. They have been known to whittle down a 15mm hardened hook bait in a very short amount of time when fishing for the carp and tench. 

 •     BIVVIES. While bivvies’ are permitted on the boards at Canada Water please be aware that all members have a right of access to the boards and that we have disabled members that need to have access to the ramp that is located at the Decathlon end of the jetty. Be considerate to this fact and if you don’t have to have a bivvy/shelter erected then please refrain from doing so. 

 •     The average depth directly underneath the permitted fishing area is 14ft so be aware of this when you are on the bank and always put your personal safety first. 

 •     Two rods only Canada Water just like it is on all of our waters and you can only fish within any of the individual swims designated fishing area.