Club Rules

· TNRAC Permits/temporary permits and a valid EA licence must be carried upon each and every member at all times while fishing.

· Anglers are permitted to fish from designated fishing areas ONLY!

· Appropriate unhooking mats, landing nets and fish care kits MUST be on your person whenever fishing. (An unhooking mat that is designed for bream or tench is not adequate when fishing for carp and is unacceptable.)

· All swims must be kept clean & clear of litter at all times. litter must be taken home with you & disposed of appropriately. litter in your swim even if it not yours will not be tolerated.

· Children under the age of 16 are NOT allowed to fish on their own under any circumstances and must be accompanied by an adult at all times when fishing.

· Keep nets are only allowed to be used on TNRAC matches.

· Barbless or semi barbed hooks only

· No transferring or taking of fish for any reason.

· No live baiting! (worms & maggots do not fall into this category.)

· The use of a retainer sling is only permitted with prior permission from an official TNRAC bailiff and when permission is obtained only one fish is allowed to be placed in one sack.

· All fish are to be returned in a safe and humane manor.

· Any fish that are dead or in distress must be reported immediately to a bailiff, committee member of the harbour master’s office.

· No unprepared particles or nuts to be used at any time.

· No more than TWO fishing rods can be used at any one time. (feature finding and spodding rods are exempt from this rule

· No fixed leads to be used at any time.

· All rigs must be able to break apart in a fish safe fashion in the result of the mainline breaking. or becoming snagged.

· When fishing towards snags you must fish locked up and you are NOT allowed to leave your rods while you are fishing.

· Anglers can only leave their rods and equipment unattended in a swim for maximum of 20 minutes and rods must be reeled in with rigs unbaited. Any unattended rods/equipment will be removed by TNRAC Bailiff’s and places at a secure location until collected.

· No Angler is allowed to leave their rods unattended while fishing for any reason.

· Common curtesy - Respect your fellow Anglers, the environment and your surroundings at all times. The NRAC waters are situated in residential areas and you must behave in an appropriate manor while fishing and representing the club.

· TNRAC reserve the right to refuse membership to any person/s.

· No open fires.

· Membership runs from January 1st until December 31st of each year. Members will have one month in which renew their memberships. After this date the books will reopen for any person/s that are on the TNRAC waiting list or wish to join as new members. Once our membership is full no more will be issued and you will have to wait for a place to become available before being able to re join the club.

• Any member/s who are caught fishing out of bounds will receive an instant ban from all TNRAC water for the remainder of that season plus a further 12 months. As well as a ban the offender/s may be issued with a fine of up to £1000 in accordance to the laws & bylaws of Southwark council. Anyone caught poaching WILL be fined the maximum penalty of £1000 and prosecuted . They will also receive a lifetime ban from all club controlled waters.

• Failure to comply to any rules of TNRAC will result in membership being revoked immediately. Membership fees paid to TNRAC will not be refunded. A ban may .be enforced where the committee see fit.